About us

our story

Summit Venture Capital is a prominent mining private equity and venture capital fund manager as well as a strategic advisor focused on unlocking unique high growth investment opportunities in Zimbabwe. Founded by William Gambiza and friends, the company is passionate about helping businesses to reach their true potential by providing and bringing together capital, strategy and talent as well as access to markets.

The investment firm looks for high-growth, high-impact mining businesses able to deliver exceptional returns along with sustained socio-economic impact. The investment focus is on startups as well as small-to-medium sized buyouts, growth capital and distressed investment assets.   

our Investment Philosophy

Summit Venture Capital’s investment philosophy is focused on the acquisition of majority ownership stakes in market leading, growth driven businesses and high potential, revenue generating mining ventures.  Central to the company’s investment philosophy is need to undertake a careful technical and financial evaluation of the target asset.

Our Investment Philosophy is executed in a staged manner.

Opportunity identification and due diligences

Financial evaluations and deal structuring
Phased capital injection and monitoring


Our Value Proposition

Small-medium businesses are the lifeblood of any economy, and in Zimbabwe they account for 80% of jobs. However, mining entrepreneurs often battle to grow their businesses, as this requires capital, and far too few companies are available to invest in the SME sector. Zimbabwe is a landscape with vast potential when it comes to helping mining SMEs grow. Yet, less than 0.1% of GDP in Zimbabwe is invested in private equity.

As a result, a significant funding gap exists in the growth stage sector which calls for a venture capital funding intervention.  In fact, there is an estimated funding gap of between USD5 billion and USD20 billion because SMEs cannot unlock traditional financing.

Summit Venture Capital is uniquely positioned to operate in this vastly neglected space through partnering with these businesses every step of the way, unlocking global markets and new customer bases.