Target Assets

Summit Venture Capital works with unique investment models to discover quality mining assets using the expertise of executive and management team and to create value within those assets. The firm invest in assets located in Zimbabwe and potential assets must be subjected to the company’s strict criteria for asset selection and valuation to ensure best possible financial outcome, including an Investment Charter to assist in decision-making process.

The company generally invests in assets that;
• Are led by strong and visionary management teams
• Demonstrate strong revenue growth and have significant customer base potential
• Are potential market leaders or significant players in their respective target sectors or regions
• Are at growth or expansion stage
• Showcase identifiable exit opportunities
• Operate in the mining
• Require an equity investment of between USD250 000 and USD2.5m
• Incorporate profitable business models that result in significant socio-economic impact as set out in the UN’s SDG sustainable Development Goals.

Do You Feel Your Asset Is Worthy?

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Identifying Exceptional Opportunities

The Summit Growth Fund , which is currently open for commitments, is focused on mid-market, high-growth venture capital and private equity investments in Zimbabwe.

Our Investments focus on viable prospects in the mining and quarry sectors that demonstrate out-of-the-ordinary deal flow and significant growth opportunities. Our Fund brings together the expertise of experienced partners, existing assets under management, a strong deal pipeline and a diversified investment return approach, making it the ideal investment vehicle to leverage real growth opportunities on the country.